work is work

so… sitting here at work, I feel the need to write another entry.

there comes a time in every person’s life where they reevaluate their morals. today i was sitting on the toilet (its where i do my best thinking) and i was contemplating my existence. i came to the conclusion that life is going to be as great as i want it to be, and the only person standing between me and success is myself. that said, i am going to work diligently this weekend on the current projects I have going on. I am building sites for both LocMont group and Lagotek. I feel both these companies are going to do an insane amouont of business within the next year. I am hoping that more projects will come from this.

The LocMont site is entirely flash. Now, normally I would make sure there was an html site to go along with the flash, but Im not getting paid to do that. The flash site will be pretty simple, but clean and effective.

The Lagotek site on the otherhand is going to be xhtml/css strict. Its going to be a challenge for me, but Im ready for it. I’ve been doing a lot of work at Bobit trying to create div only layouts out of what was once table driven. Its driving me mad, but its also making me really good. These epromos are good experience too because I am learning the ins and outs of marketing for the web. It feels good to get paid to learn so much.


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