MAAAR! Policy Violation

So, Im working, minding my own business, when some tech guys decide to come down and give me a new ergonomic keyboard. Its wonderful, I love it. I had been using my cordless optical mouse (instead of a trackball one that was far inferior). They did not say a word to me while they were here, besides some basic small talk about The Beatles and the great functions of the new keyboard. No more than ten minutes later I recieve this email:


My name is **** **** and I am the Computer Systems Manager here at *****. I’d like to make sure we start off on the right foot.

I know you’ve been with ***** for about 1 month and I want to address the computer system policies with you. In particular, one that states that associates may not load software or attach personal hardware to the company’s computer equipment. Your supervisor is aware of this policy. Our HR director assures me that you were given the Associate Handbook at your orientation. That said, my staff informed me that you have a wireless mouse attached to your PC–an item we don’t supply–and that the other optical mouse is missing. You will need to remove the non-company equipment from your PC and return the optical mouse.

I know this may seem trivial and I don’t want you to take it personally. The policy is in place due to past (bad) experiences where the line between company equipment and personal equipment became blurred, so we’ve opted to limit the equipment allowed and the manner in which it is configured.

The rule here is that only Computer Services personnel may add software and hardware to the ***** network.

WHAT?!? I cannot use a USB mouse because of company policy. I use my own mouse because the one they provided for me is complete and utter crap. My mouse in no way affects the computer, it merely enhances my performance. Fine. THanks a lot Tech department. Whereas you could’ve just kept quiet and gone peacefully on your way, you decided to make life more difficult for me. This is what is ridiculous about these type of “security” policies; they oft hinder the person they are trying to protect. Well, I guess I have to keep my job, so out with the new and back with the old. Ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “MAAAR! Policy Violation

  1. Man, that is shitty. People love power. That type of wierd suff happens at my work all the time…we used to be able to listen to headphones, but it was banned thru an email also…sigh

    at least you werent doing something worse, I am proud of you : P see you not next weekend, but the one after.

    did I mention that I love that you live so close to home now, it rocks

    tell tippy I sad hello, and Jazz club here we come

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