what a dream i had

there was a night club with fire, my dear tippy accompanying me, rememberences of old friends, a night scene with cops harrasing people (arresting a girl for impersonating a police officer), little kids at summer camp, a room that people were expected to live in but it was old and torn down, somehow that was connected to my house, it was my parents room transformed, my old roommate josh trying to hookup a stereo system and moving everything around my bed because he liked a clear path, sitting in the sun with tippy, watching the sunset, writing an impromptu poem about a tree hanging on a cliff (she didnt like it much), taking pictures of people who were mocking me while i was trying to find my camera (when it was in my pocket the whole time), discovering books i lost (fellowship of the ring, two towers, some japanese fiction writers). whew. theres so much more but i can hardly explain it right now. I just woke up and wrote all of this to get it out of my mind.

its odd how we say “i had a dream” when its more like “the dream had me”.


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