keep on moving

so, finished LocMont yesterday and going to get started on Lagotek probably tonight. Got so much work to do at work, its rather unbelievable. But I’ll take it in stride, cause this is what I love to do. As much as design work gives me a complete headache, it is a whole lot better than stuffing envelopes. I miss tippy already. Its strange when you miss someone just after 8 hours… anyhow, I feel pretty good despite being a hypochondriac and thinking I’m getting sick everyday. I just gotta keep on moving “Nobody’s gonna break my stride, nobody’s gonna hold me down, wo-oh, I gotta keep on moving.” You know you love it, dont lie.

Oh, I had a dream last night I was in the band Hairbrain Scheme, except I was just sitting at the desk mouthing a few of the words. It was the same feeling that I had the first couple of weeks playing for TLM. I miss those guys, but we are all so damn busy. Like Matt says in a new song, “What can I say? I’m 23. And on the Go. Do I really have to be this goddam busy?”


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