Discussion, Debate, Denial

so, i’ve been discussing with this fellow (you can check out his blog at Anarcho-Capitalism) on a forum for Another Sky Press and it seems we have very different opinions but perhaps the same goal. He is a business man, aggressive and determined to see the world changed for the better. He wants to evolve our system of capitalism into one of “moral reasoning” instead of “legal fear”. I could not agree with him more. I wish for a metamorphosis of our society into exactly what it promises; freedom and expression, a life without constraint. I still am hoping for a more compassionate society where art is transfered freely, where the only competition exist within the self to become a better individual than they were the day before. Focusing on production, marketing and distribution kills the spirit of the artist. It transforms them into a business man, turns compassion into aggression and understanding into moral indignation.

As I was writing this, I recieved another message from him. This is what he said:

“I’m going to reply to your reply on my anarcho-capitalism blog right now. Your thoughts are very common, but they’re also wrong.”

However, I was trying to make a point in the forum that competition did not have to stem from sales, that people can push each other (and themselves) to create and to better their art through other means. Through discussion, I inspired him to write, and he didnt have to sell me anything to get his point across or spur his own imagination. He proved my point for me. I also think its funny that he put anarcho-capitalism which is a prime example of an oxymoron. Maybe thats his point. I don’t get it.


2 thoughts on “Discussion, Debate, Denial

  1. Just to be clear, the person you are conversing with is a forum member and isn’t part of Another Sky Press. And you’re right – “He is a business man, aggressive and determined to see the world changed for the better.” Which is interesting because it means that while we don’t see eye to eye on many things (except for that last point, obviously), the fact that we agree on the end result (“finding a way to compensate the artist without using force”- his words, not ours) is _important_. It means that even from a completely different life/art perspective, others are coming to similiar conclusions. And that’s wonderful. (This conversation is currently ongoing on the ASP forums, so back to there for now.)

  2. Paul…I always read what you write, and it usually blows me away : ) Did you check out my sister’s blog? its sweeeet. This particular blog is sooo good, I love what you have to say about competition and art. Youre the best, and its 420 for me right now : )

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