always listen to her

me at flashROCK
thats the first thing i’ve learned that i am certain of. always listen to tiffany. most of the time, she is right (eventhough she would say she is right all of the time, i’ve caught her once or twice). what was she right about this time? well, lets just say i have a problem prioritizing my life. i don’t know what should come first. i have no idea when to do what i want to do and what i need to do. today, tiffany set me straight and helped me decide that it was the day to goto the studio and lay down some tracks…. and boy, did we lay it down. it really sounds and feels amazing. you all will hear it soon enough.

so the only thing im truly sure of now in life is that the people i love will help me when i truly need help. im so glad she was there, to talk me into doing what i knew i needed to do. with her encouragement, i will begin to prioritize and organize the tempest of thoughts in my head.

thank you.


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