when the going gets tough

the tough get tougher. or something like that…. however I am at work before 9 because my boss finally said something about me being 20 minutes late everyday. I love to push it to the limits. Why is that?

Also, Im supposed to produce something for Lagotek today but I do not have the energy after spending three hours yesterday messing with IE hacks to get my navigation to look right in both browsers…. undoubtedly its fucked in safari and opera, but i really dont care about those. I still have a mountain of work on that and probably will not start climbing the upper slopes until this weekend…. but then, as they say, its all downhill.

I am going to lug my keyboard up to my room today so that I can record some loops to be used in flash. Whats the point of being both a musician and a web designer if I dont put some music into my design. Also, I want to start thinking about the new TLM site as that is my next big project.

Its been many days since I’ve seen her and my love does not even begin to falter. I miss her dearly but know that she is doing the right thing. The only thing that upsets me is that I cannot console her now that she is sad. If only I could just be there to give her a hug… but perhaps that might draw more tears from her eyes…. Im not sure, I know this time apart is probably for the best, and we talk at least three times a day. But its been hard on both of us and I share her loss as if it were my own.

I love you.


One thought on “when the going gets tough

  1. u are a rebel….20 mins everyday??? you must be damn good at your job hehe. youre sooo mushy paul, its funny. not a funny situation, but you 2 are cute. keep smiling and writing

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