thats what friends are for

in good times and bad times, sometimes at the same time.

say a prayer for tiffany’s grandmother who passed away earlier this morning. say another for her family who misses her dearly.

life is good, except having to deal with death, which is hard. even if it is not within my own family, i feel as if it is. i love you and i am here for you. you have gone through a lot and i can only empathize with your situation. even thought we may not see each other every day, we think of each other every second. yes, this is mushy but i like being mushy.

band is going good… we’re optimistic and ready to create and tickle the minds of all those we can reach. i love those guys. they are my true friends (and ray too cause he went with me all the way to victorville and still came out for the show in LB, which meant so much that he might never know)

design is going good. im getting better at it, everyday, striving to do one step beyond what i normally challenege myself to do.

i am happy and mournfull in the same breath. it is an odd feeling, but one that keeps me grounded and makes me realize how much i have and how much i love.


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