sometimes you have to make tough decisions. and no, im not talking about deleting myspace. im talking about real tough decisions. ones that might make people angry at you, ones that might hurt others feelings; its inevitable that sometime in your life you will have to make one of these decisions.

and it might be the right one, it might be the wrong one. many times you can only rely on instinct with a dash of reasoning. how does it feel to be where you are? Is there something holding you back, are you holding something inside? never keep those feelings bottled up, they will ge tthe better of you.

i have made many rash decisions in my life, some of them good and some bad. I dont know how this one will turn out. but i do know that i am not doing it for anyone other than myself. that sounds conceited, but if you know me, you know i all too often am guided by the emotions and whims of other people. i act only if i think it is wanted or warranted. this time i am acting on my own behalf. i hope they will understand. its a line to be drawn, no matter how hard it is to even pick up the pen.


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