say hello to yourself

Read this article

then come back and read this:

I wrote an essay in college called “Can You Hear Me Now: Cell Phones and Social Interaction”. It was boring for the most part but had a few good tidbits about the metamorphosis of people into “cyborgs”; I stuck to what I had viewed at UCSB and referenced Donna Haraways Cyborg Manifesto to back-up my case studies. This article goes one step beyond, since MySpace and Facbook (and other copycats) have bulged to enormous sizes, quickly becoming hubs of social interaction. I could not have imagined this happening, but I did point out the key points of the article in my essay.

I would like to discuss this further with anyone who is interested in internet culture, or who slaves away daily staring at a computer screen like I do. What do you make of all this? Have you noticed change in yourself? In friends and family?

I worry about future generations. They do not have context to place this all in. I am only 24, and when I was 2 my family bought their first computer. However most of my younger years were spent playing outside in the dirt, going on bike rides around the neighborhood, and generally participating in activities that kids have been doing for many years. But kids nowadays have so many techno-gadgets that I feel they are losing their childhood and quickly immersing themselves in a “cyber-reality”. Im not sure if its this generation, or the next, but within three generations I see education moving away from books entirely. What will this do to the human psyche? the soul? Will we become hollow beings whose existence is centered around electronic devices? Are we already like this?

Not to seem worried or anxious or paranoid, just asking questions to spur debate. More to come on this in future days, and perhaps a bit of prose to go with this banter.


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