kaki king

is an amazing musician. she completely surpassed my preconcieved notions. I thought I was in for a treat, but did not realize that she had brought two amazing musicians with her, a keyboardist and a drummer, who’s abilities matched her own.

She started out with the lap steel, a familiar song off her new album “Until We Felt Red“. It was pretty good, but the two peformers before her (Christine Baze and Susan Burnett) had mellowed me out too much for me to get real excited. Then I think it was the third or fourth song that there was a huge buildup, a keyboard solo followed by a drum solo, that was beyond comprehension (in a good way). Everything quieted down to some alone time with Kaki where she played “all the songs the dudes came for”. She giggled about this, knowing she was in hollywood and after struggling with some minor technical difficulties (and back aches which tour will give you a lot of, mostly from sleeping awkwardly). She played her popular track “pink noise” about twice as fast as the recorded version. Needless to say I was amazed.

The band came back and rocked out for another three or four songs. Then she said good night, but not without playing an amazing outro (I’ve seen it before on YouTube, but this one was a damn good version) where she uses a loop pedal to fill your mind with sounds.

Truly an inspiration to me. And next time, I will bring a mixtape for her, maybe with a few songs of my own.

Sidenote: The whole focus of “The Yellow Umbrella” tour is to raise awareness for cervical cancer, so go get checked out if you’re a she, and if you’re a he, go tell every woman you know to get checked out. Doctors are your friends (though they take all your money). But this is a cancer which can be treated and prevented easily by getting checked out.

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