Yeah times 3

What an amazing show. Although I was quite unimpressed with the blood brothers (its the second time i’ve seen them and it was better at coachella) , I was still more than impressed with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s performance. Karen O was exciting to watch, not just by beauty alone but by energy and pure talent. She is an ultimate performer. I have been listening to “Show Your Bones” for about four months now, pretty steadily. I must credit Tiffany with getting me into it, burning me a cd and generally playing it when she was riding in my car (im sure it was the only thing next to fugazi “instrument” that she could choose from, my music selection is sparse at times). The show was overall the best all out rock show I have been to in awhile.

Here is what I disliked about the show:

They patted us down twice before letting us in, and they made me throw away a key chain (more like a climbing hook that I used as a key chain) because they said it could used as “brass knuckles”

There were at least six drunk old people who were not only pushy and tall but generally smug. I had to scream in some ears and throw out some elbows to make room for dancing with Tiffany.

I had about twenty different people sweat on me by the end of the night and felt like I needed five shower.

Other than those things it was fan-flipping-tastic! Go see them if you have the chance!


One thought on “Yeah times 3

  1. elbows do work wonders! thanks to you, your elbows, and obnoxious screaming, that wall of a man finally moved…i was ready to kick some shins.

    we need to go to shows more often, pauly. although, i’m sure they won’t be as good as that night’s show. there was some serious arm-flailing and kicking of the legs going on that night. it’s a good thing we wore our helmets or things could have really gotten ugly.

    oh yeah, “end hits” is the name of the album.

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