Big Brother is Watching Me

So I open up my mailbox today to read my daily IAB smart brief. In it, there is an article about the new acquisition of YouTube by Google. I click on a link to check out more about the subject and to see if anything was changed overnight on YouTube… and then, bamn. Im hit with an ugly blue screen. It basically says that the site I am viewing has been blocked by the office “firewall” and my attempt to visit the site has been logged. WOW! Was I surprised? Yes, I was. I suppose its a good thing cause now the internet should be a whole lot faster if no one is allowed to stream MP3s or Videos. Im sure they have a “blacklist” to which many of the sites I visit are not on… but I expect them to block out more and more internet usage as it goes on. I wonder how this was decided, and why? I understand that bandwidth is important, but sometimes my job requires that I view streaming video (I watch video tutorials on photoshop and flash)… hopefully these will not be blocked.

Im very shocked that not even a memo was sent out regarding this major change in our network. It makes me a bit worried about what else they might be doing. They can have a stangle hold on us, but it doesnt mean it will make us more efficient workers. I feel its a straight out attempt at complete domination of our lives while in this office. No matter, I’ll walk down the street with my laptop if Im really in the mood to watch a video online. Well, I guess my time spent slacking off will be reduced to staring at the ceiling or writing in my notebook. I dont even feel comfortable writing private emails to coworkers anymore. I dont even feel like I have any privacy whatsoever. They probably are reading this… oh no, here they come… marching down the hallway, dressed in full uniform, clacking their heels with every step…. doom. Big Brother is watching me.

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