The Threads

was once a band. Not just a group of musicians, but a band of friends. We silently fell apart, our throats aching from the screams in our songs, our bodies worn down from nefarious night activities and self-abuse. We gave up. I gave up. Others tried to keep it going, but it had lost its momentum. There was something special in those “Five Stabs to the Throat” that I still feel even to this day. I feel the sting of the words, the piercing melody of the guitars, the soft murmur of the bass and synth. I miss that feeling. I miss those guys. Sure, we had our differences and ended up hating each other’s guts. I think I can speak for everyone in saying that the only thing we regret is not sticking in it for longer, not giving it our all, not forgetting our differences to make the beautiful music we were destined to make. I think each one of us keeps the spirit of The Threads alive in ourselves, in some way. But it will be a long time before another band like that comes along. And I sit in the shadows and wait for that day to come.

The Threads were:
Brandon Fink – vocals
Matt Carr – guitar
Ryan Gracey – guitar
Mark Legaspi – bass
Dustin Fuijikawa – keys
Paul Lumsdaine – drums

Sunlight kills.

If you want the songs from the album “Five Stabs to Throat”, contact me, and I will mail you a cd with album art and all included.

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