Lab Coat Media Starting strong

My new media company is starting off strong. We have clients with very strong brands signing up for our media packages. It’s been a rough two months starting up, getting the studio space setup, and finalizing our workflow. But we are up and running and accepting more clients in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more about Lab Coat Media in the next few weeks.


Art School

Here at school. I’m a bit bored as it is review day and I’m just waiting to recieve critique on my artwork. I feel I’m doing pretty well in art school eventhough it has brought me numerous stress-filled late night panic attacks. I guess that’s just the way I am.

Life thus far; a new era begins

So. It’s been a long time. Take a look at the tangled web I’ve been attempting to sort out. Don’t worry it will get there.

I’m starting school in a week. I’m going to Art Institute of Hollywood for Web Design. I’m excited to say the least.

I have been working full time at TLD for exactly a year now. It seems like it’s been longer than that. Sigh.

floating in a tin can

Im pretty anxious to start writing. I am doing something that has been done before a thousand times: a concept album. Except this concept is going to be developed into a short story which you will be able to read while listening to the album (depending on how fast you read). Its quite an ambitious project, one that might take me about a year to completely work out. Im hoping I finish by the end of the year. I guess it just takes a bit more gusto. Like working out… who would have thought I would be exercising forty minutes a day? Not I. Tell me that a year ago and I would have laughed heartily at myself. Of course, I miss some days, and others exercise maybe thirty minutes… but the fact is I am turning it into a routine. I mean, eating is a routine that is so common place we dont even ahve to question whether or not we ate at least once in a day. So I dont think it should be that hard to make exercising the same thing.

When I work out, one thing I keep telling myself is that Im already there, but I have so much further to go. I envision myself being more fit, getting better at design, and getting paid MORE to do what I love…. I am there, but I have so much further to go. Remind me of a poem I memorized in junior high, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (what a verbose title!) by Robert Frost. “And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” Damn, it makes me tired…

Yeah times 3

What an amazing show. Although I was quite unimpressed with the blood brothers (its the second time i’ve seen them and it was better at coachella) , I was still more than impressed with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s performance. Karen O was exciting to watch, not just by beauty alone but by energy and pure talent. She is an ultimate performer. I have been listening to “Show Your Bones” for about four months now, pretty steadily. I must credit Tiffany with getting me into it, burning me a cd and generally playing it when she was riding in my car (im sure it was the only thing next to fugazi “instrument” that she could choose from, my music selection is sparse at times). The show was overall the best all out rock show I have been to in awhile.

Here is what I disliked about the show:

They patted us down twice before letting us in, and they made me throw away a key chain (more like a climbing hook that I used as a key chain) because they said it could used as “brass knuckles”

There were at least six drunk old people who were not only pushy and tall but generally smug. I had to scream in some ears and throw out some elbows to make room for dancing with Tiffany.

I had about twenty different people sweat on me by the end of the night and felt like I needed five shower.

Other than those things it was fan-flipping-tastic! Go see them if you have the chance!

say hello to yourself

Read this article

then come back and read this:

I wrote an essay in college called “Can You Hear Me Now: Cell Phones and Social Interaction”. It was boring for the most part but had a few good tidbits about the metamorphosis of people into “cyborgs”; I stuck to what I had viewed at UCSB and referenced Donna Haraways Cyborg Manifesto to back-up my case studies. This article goes one step beyond, since MySpace and Facbook (and other copycats) have bulged to enormous sizes, quickly becoming hubs of social interaction. I could not have imagined this happening, but I did point out the key points of the article in my essay.

I would like to discuss this further with anyone who is interested in internet culture, or who slaves away daily staring at a computer screen like I do. What do you make of all this? Have you noticed change in yourself? In friends and family?

I worry about future generations. They do not have context to place this all in. I am only 24, and when I was 2 my family bought their first computer. However most of my younger years were spent playing outside in the dirt, going on bike rides around the neighborhood, and generally participating in activities that kids have been doing for many years. But kids nowadays have so many techno-gadgets that I feel they are losing their childhood and quickly immersing themselves in a “cyber-reality”. Im not sure if its this generation, or the next, but within three generations I see education moving away from books entirely. What will this do to the human psyche? the soul? Will we become hollow beings whose existence is centered around electronic devices? Are we already like this?

Not to seem worried or anxious or paranoid, just asking questions to spur debate. More to come on this in future days, and perhaps a bit of prose to go with this banter.


i have just recieved word that my story entitled “She is His Story” will be published in an anthology put out by Another Sky Press called Falling From the Sky. I am very excited about this because it is my first piece of writing to ever be published anywhere. If you would like for me to email you a copy of the short (18pg) story, comment me and I’ll be sure to get you a copy.

In unrelated news, I got my home studio setup. By studio I mean two keyboards and mixer… although the MO-8 can hardly be called a keyboard, it is more like a digital synthesizer workstation. It is rather impressive and hopefully I’ll pay it off soon :o)

Stay tuned for music and more updates on Falling From the Sky.

Meanwhile check out web design from scratch – its so brilliant, yet so simple. Things all designers know but need to be reminded of from time to time.


sometimes you have to make tough decisions. and no, im not talking about deleting myspace. im talking about real tough decisions. ones that might make people angry at you, ones that might hurt others feelings; its inevitable that sometime in your life you will have to make one of these decisions.

and it might be the right one, it might be the wrong one. many times you can only rely on instinct with a dash of reasoning. how does it feel to be where you are? Is there something holding you back, are you holding something inside? never keep those feelings bottled up, they will ge tthe better of you.

i have made many rash decisions in my life, some of them good and some bad. I dont know how this one will turn out. but i do know that i am not doing it for anyone other than myself. that sounds conceited, but if you know me, you know i all too often am guided by the emotions and whims of other people. i act only if i think it is wanted or warranted. this time i am acting on my own behalf. i hope they will understand. its a line to be drawn, no matter how hard it is to even pick up the pen.