Lab Coat Media Starting strong

My new media company is starting off strong. We have clients with very strong brands signing up for our media packages. It’s been a rough two months starting up, getting the studio space setup, and finalizing our workflow. But we are up and running and accepting more clients in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more about Lab Coat Media in the next few weeks.


Working hard every night and day

I’ve been working hard this past week and I’m definitely ready for another vacation. Today I tackle the issue of our VoIP quality between offices. Just another day but looking forward to solving this problem.

I gotsta keep on moving…

Life thus far; a new era begins

So. It’s been a long time. Take a look at the tangled web I’ve been attempting to sort out. Don’t worry it will get there.

I’m starting school in a week. I’m going to Art Institute of Hollywood for Web Design. I’m excited to say the least.

I have been working full time at TLD for exactly a year now. It seems like it’s been longer than that. Sigh.

Finally, Intelligence Found

Don’t read this until you’ve checked out Another Sky Press and read what they have to say.

Finally, someone is doing something intelligent with the resources we have. The group at Another Sky Press is taking literature to the next level. They are producing new works of fiction and providing them for free on the net. Also, they are selling books at cost with optional donation. I desperatly need to be a part of this movement. I have for a while now had a goal of creating online interactive storybooks for children, and this I think is a step in the right direction. I would like to see literacy abound on the net, not become condensed and confabulted by the myriad of forums, blogs and community sites. The intelligent people need to step forward and claim the net back from the marketing strategists. Believe in a better existence, both on and off line.

working hardest

working on LocMont right now… seems to be going pretty well, I think they will be very happy with the end result. I really have to punch through this weekend and get this off my plate so I can make room for Lagotek. Seems like they want me to change up the colors a bit and draw up a sotryboard for the online classroom. Should not be too difficult.

Im excited to be working with Mikey on this. I hope he is feeling better, that guy has had it rough. I wish him the best.

MAAAR! Policy Violation

So, Im working, minding my own business, when some tech guys decide to come down and give me a new ergonomic keyboard. Its wonderful, I love it. I had been using my cordless optical mouse (instead of a trackball one that was far inferior). They did not say a word to me while they were here, besides some basic small talk about The Beatles and the great functions of the new keyboard. No more than ten minutes later I recieve this email:


My name is **** **** and I am the Computer Systems Manager here at *****. I’d like to make sure we start off on the right foot.

I know you’ve been with ***** for about 1 month and I want to address the computer system policies with you. In particular, one that states that associates may not load software or attach personal hardware to the company’s computer equipment. Your supervisor is aware of this policy. Our HR director assures me that you were given the Associate Handbook at your orientation. That said, my staff informed me that you have a wireless mouse attached to your PC–an item we don’t supply–and that the other optical mouse is missing. You will need to remove the non-company equipment from your PC and return the optical mouse.

I know this may seem trivial and I don’t want you to take it personally. The policy is in place due to past (bad) experiences where the line between company equipment and personal equipment became blurred, so we’ve opted to limit the equipment allowed and the manner in which it is configured.

The rule here is that only Computer Services personnel may add software and hardware to the ***** network.

WHAT?!? I cannot use a USB mouse because of company policy. I use my own mouse because the one they provided for me is complete and utter crap. My mouse in no way affects the computer, it merely enhances my performance. Fine. THanks a lot Tech department. Whereas you could’ve just kept quiet and gone peacefully on your way, you decided to make life more difficult for me. This is what is ridiculous about these type of “security” policies; they oft hinder the person they are trying to protect. Well, I guess I have to keep my job, so out with the new and back with the old. Ridiculous.

music to my ears

this is what i’ve been thinking about. i love my band, dearly, but not being able to go on tour might give me some time to focus on my own musical creations. I am thinking about getting 2GB of ram, and an outbox to do a bit of recording on my own. Now that I have the sweetest keyboard known to mankind, I think I have the potential to create some amazing music. I am recording a five song demo entitled “faulty guitar”. I am most likely going to get about 300 pressed, or maybe just buy printed cds and press them myself.

I also want to get my website madebypaul[dot]com up and running. Im not sure whats going to be on there, but it will probably be a showcase of my up and coming sites, as well as my music. oh, dont worry there will be a link to my blog as well

im also going to be working on my original idea of making online storybooks for kids. I figure its a noble endeavor that could really help some kids out and maybe eventually increase literacy on the web in general.

thats it for now, back to work *whipah*

work is work

so… sitting here at work, I feel the need to write another entry.

there comes a time in every person’s life where they reevaluate their morals. today i was sitting on the toilet (its where i do my best thinking) and i was contemplating my existence. i came to the conclusion that life is going to be as great as i want it to be, and the only person standing between me and success is myself. that said, i am going to work diligently this weekend on the current projects I have going on. I am building sites for both LocMont group and Lagotek. I feel both these companies are going to do an insane amouont of business within the next year. I am hoping that more projects will come from this.

The LocMont site is entirely flash. Now, normally I would make sure there was an html site to go along with the flash, but Im not getting paid to do that. The flash site will be pretty simple, but clean and effective.

The Lagotek site on the otherhand is going to be xhtml/css strict. Its going to be a challenge for me, but Im ready for it. I’ve been doing a lot of work at Bobit trying to create div only layouts out of what was once table driven. Its driving me mad, but its also making me really good. These epromos are good experience too because I am learning the ins and outs of marketing for the web. It feels good to get paid to learn so much.